Expanding Our Agrarian Toolbox - Biodynamic Land Stewardship
Date & Time
Thursday, November 9, 2023, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Brook LeVan Lloyd Nelson

In this hands-on half-day workshop, we will review and demonstrate practical and affordable stewardship “tools” that revitalize our relationships with All of the Life we collaborate with on our farms and ranches. Working in this way we can better turn on the life in our soils activating multiple layers of fertility. Learn how to grow food and medicines with higher nutrient density and healing efficacy, while stimulating systemic harmony and balance throughout our Whole Farm Organisms. Though this is more geared to experienced farmers and ranchers we welcome all levels of stewardship.

  • Tree Harmonizing/ Broadcasting- working with trees as living energetic beings capable of broadcasting the BD preparations and beyond, from foundations to more recent tried and true amplifications 
  • Seed Bathing - Giving our seeds a boost! Presenting trials with documentation photos and tales from the trenches (using BD 500-508, Buffalo Soil Activator, 12 Holy Nights, to advanced Evocations)
  • Dowsing 101 - tools to read the energy flow of landscapes, learn how to communicate with the Land and All of the Life.
  • Potentization methods - Agricultural Homeopathy, raising the resonance of our preparations appropriate for today's land therapeutics.
  • Landscape therapy, healing through the power of Rudolf Steiner's agricultural directive, we work forward from the future.
Location Name
Meadowbrook II
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