Working with Healing Plants: One vertically integrated herb farm's journey
Date & Time
Friday, November 10, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Carin Fortin

In this workshop Blossom’s Farm co-founder Carin Fortin will discuss the joys and challenges of the growing, processing, formulating, and marketing of healing plants in a farm individuality; the economic opportunities and challenges that come with this integrated model; and the importance of paying attention to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos in this process.
Blossom’s was founded in 2010 and grows, processes and produces herbal health and skincare products and nutrient dense foods using restorative farming practices. It is a vertically integrated business which executes all steps of production from the growing to the value adding.

Topics discussed:
- Why grow medicinal herbs? What does the world need?  
- What herbs to grow? The farm individuality, the farmer's biography and the market.
- Bulk or value added? How can small-scale growing be sustainable?   
- Growing and processing with planetary rhythms
- Different models of distribution = Different relationships: CSH, farmers markets, online, onsite. 
- Community and Education: Teaching and events as part of the business model 

"Blossom’s Farm is a diversified, biodynamic farm organism committed to the regeneration and healing of the land, the community and the self by integrating agriculture, education and art."


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