Biodynamics, Viriditas, the Quintivium, and Regenerative Economics ~ The Great Healing is Upon Us
Date & Time
Friday, November 10, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Aaron Perry

Gestures of respect, reverence, reciprocity, and responsibility are central to our Biodynamic land stewardship practices. This care-ful-ness, grounded in relationship, is reflected in the extraordinary vitality and abundance that we experience in Biodynamic farms, gardens, and landscapes. How do we bring these kind, beautiful, and potentizing ways of being and ways of acting into our economies, financial institutions, and other socially constructed systems and structures? Curiously, alongside the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner, the brilliant insights of Medieval polymath and healer Hildegard von Bingen, the “Mystic of the Rhine,” provide us key insights, attitudes, and wisdom for these momentous times of great healing in general, and for the transformation of our economic and financial systems in particular. 

Drawing on scores of Y on Earth Community Podcast episodes and a growing global body of collaborators, including several who have contributed essays to his forthcoming book on regenerative finance, social enterprise, service leadership, stewardship philanthropy, and Ecocene economics, author Aaron William Perry shares a vision for our near-future grounded in what’s happening throughout the world as the “Regeneration Renaissance” is sprouting and flowering world-wide. In this special multi-disciplinary tapestry, he weaves together Steiner’s Biodynamics, von Bingen’s Viriditas (the “great greening”), and emergent structures and strategies for kinder, gentler, and love-based, regenerative economic and financial systems for the entire human family, our living planetary mother, and all of her myriad living creatures and ecosystems. Aaron will also share Y on Earth’s new “Holistic Healers & Herbal Resources Hub” – a special community within the growing global network of healers and stewards, and will reveal some of the Biodynamic treasures in his new eco-thriller novel featuring biodynamic farms in Colorado – Viriditas: The Great Healing is Within Our Power.

Location Name
Meadowbrook I