Full Name
Nikki Silvestri
Job Title
CEO and Founder
Soil and Shadow
Speaker Bio
NIKKI SILVESTRI IS THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF SOIL AND SHADOW, LLC. Nikki’s unique approach to inclusion, leadership, and organizational development takes cues from nature, building models of “social fertility” to weave them into a Joy and Impact™ framework. Her work also encourages a rigorous and shame-free approach to acknowledging our societal shadows and blind spots, especially when attempting to balance the triple bottom line (ecology, economy, and equity) in times of uncertainty, climate/health feedback loops, and increasing volatility.

Nikki’s wide-ranging career has taken her from presentations at the White House and negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency to intimate workshops with local businesses and small retail organizing. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including ELLE Magazine’s Gold Award and OxFam America’s Act Local, Think Global Award, and she was named one of The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans.

"I help curious, engaged individuals resolve tough relationship dynamics so you can have real, fulfilling relationships that change you and the world. I also help businesses and non-profits design relationship-centered economic and environmental strategies. My job is to show you how to foster real interconnection and use it to build the bridges that get things done."

Learn more about Nikki's work with Soil and Shadow: soilandshadow.com/nikki-silvestri
Nikki Silvestri