Full Name
Wali Via
Job Title
Member, Oregon Biodynamic Group; Winter Green Farm
Winter Green Farm/Fellowship of Preparation Makers/Ziraat
Speaker Bio
Wali Via has been a member of the Oregon Biodynamic Group (www.oregonbd.org) since 1976 and has been making and using the biodynamic preparartions ever since. The Oregon Biodyanmic Group’s Spring and Fall Preparation meetings are held at Winter Green Farm, where Wali lives.

He has been an active member of the Fellowship of Preparation Makers since 2008. Wali has often presented at Fellowship conferences including conducting the closing ceremony.

He served a 3-year term on the board of the Biodynamic Association (now the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance) ending in 2018.

Wali began farming at the age of 18. For 8 years he managed the agriculture for an intentional community of around 20 people focusing on self-sufficiency. Then he and his wife, Jabrila, ran a small farmstead for 5 years growing vegetable starts for retailers and farmers, hay, and raising sheep. In 1985 he began farming at Winter Green Farm (www.wintergreenfarm.com). Winter Green farm has a large CSA, vendors at multiple farmers markets, sells to wholesale distributors and restaurants, runs a herd of beef cattle, and a flock of sheep. In the past Winter Green Farm grew and dried medicinal and culunary herbs on a tonnage scale and had a wholesale pesto business. Wali retired from farming in 2017. He and his wife still live on Winter Green Farm while the business continues under new ownership.

Wali is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to deepen their spiritual lives including their relationship with the natural world. He is a senior teacher in the Inayatiyya (www.inayatiyya.org), a universalistic Sufi organization, that respects all paths leading to the unfoldment of the human being. Within the Inayatiyya, Wali is the Vice-President of Ziraat for North America, Australia, and New Zealand (www.ziraat.org). Ziraat is an activity of the Inayatiyya that uses agriculture symbolically to aid one on the spiritual path and aims to foster a healthy relationship between humanity and the living Earth.

He has two adult daughters and three grandchildren and spends a great deal of his free time hiking, backpacking, flat water kayaking, and with his family.
Wali Via