Full Name
Stewart Lundy
Creative Director, Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics; Co-Founder, Perennial Roots Farm
Speaker Bio
Stewart has been farming since 2010 with his partner and wife Natalie. Their diversified farm has a market garden, small orchard, cattle, sheep, hogs, and more. The farm sells beef, lamb, pork, attends farmers markets, and offers a small CSA. Stewart studied biodynamics with Hugh Courtney and is an independent researcher, amateur alchemist, and spiritual practitioner. A major focus for him is showing individuals and communities how to provide their own fertility needs from within their own resources for the sake of individual and collective health, freedom, and creative expression. He also travels and gives workshops and presentations as well as consults with growers across the world. At the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics (JPI), he seeks to provide practical biodynamic knowledge, grow the JPI farm organism, and aid the global legacy of quality biodynamic preparations.
Stewart Lundy