Full Name
Beth Corymb
Meadowlark Hearth
Speaker Bio
Beth Corymb Everett is the 4th generation on a farm in western Nebraska where her father operated a cow calf operation. Interned at Saratoga community garden for children in bio intensive methods, 2 year internship at Kimberton Hills Camphill Village, then managed the herb garden there. Co managed Turtle Tree Seed at Camphill Village Copake for 1998 to 2010. Studying piano performance in college, led her to notice how much music there is on the farm, She co-manages Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Seed initiative with her husband Nathan Corymb Clark on the 540 acre farm including grass fed-finished beef. When Beth stirs 500 and 501, she sings the planetary days of the week scales (modes) into the stirring barrel along with thinking about the Foundation Stone that Rudolf Steiner gave to the world almost 100 years ago. We are looking to pass on the farmland and seed company to a capable group of young agriculturalists, passionate about the cosmopolitan aspects of vegetable seed!
Beth Corymb