Full Name
Matt Barhafer
Meadowlark Hearth
Speaker Bio
I grew up outside Omaha, Nebraska and traveled to Denver to study biology in college. I have always loved animals and the outdoors and began working on farms when I graduated in 2016. I found Meadowlark Hearth when I was working in Pennsylvania on a vegetable farm. One of my friends saw my garden at the house where I lived and, noticing the diversity of plants and animals, said it looked like Biodynamic farming. Feeling homesick and still wanting to farm, I Googled "biodynamics" and "Nebraska" and was unsurprisingly directed to Meadowlark Hearth's webpage and descriptions of Beth and Nathan's work in Scottsbluff. Seeing that it was only a 3 hour drive from my twin brother from Denver, I ventured to Scottsbluff in 2018 to work at Meadowlark Hearth raising cattle and growing biodynamic vegetables. After a two-year hiatus to work as a tractor mechanic, I have returned to work full-time with Beth and Nathan to learn the craft of growing vegetable seed and help manage their farm.
Matt Barhafer