Full Name
Will Bratton
Job Title
Director of Procurement
Traditional Medicinals
Speaker Bio
Will is the Director of Procurement at Traditional Medicinals where he is responsible for acquiring over 1,500 tons of Organic, Pharmacopeial, Fair for Life, Wildlife Friendly, and Demeter Certified Botanicals from approximately 50 countries annually. Over the past decade he has worked with hundreds of different medicinal botanical species at production scale. Will grew up homeschooled on a large intergenerational cattle and goat ranch in the geographic center of Texas. With the on-site assistance and guidance of Allan Savory, working with Will’s grandfather, the property has been operating in a modified Savory system since the mid- to late-70s.

Will is the Founder and President of the International Biodynamic Guild and is on the Board of Directors of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics. He has also recently joined the Anthroposophical Society in America’s Section for Agriculture. He is a Certified Master Herbalist, and well-practiced Spagyric Alchemist, modernizing the method to 21st century pharmaceutical processing technologies. Will has been featured in Le Monde’s Science & Technology section for inventing open-source organic/biodynamic food production hardware platforms and has served as Project Manager at Open Source Ecology.

Will was recently featured in the new edition of the Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer highlighting his work while with Gaia Herbs, where among other things he promoted Biodynamics and medicinal botanical production in North America. You can keep up with Will by subscribing to the International Biodynamic Guild podcast.
Will Bratton