Full Name
Scott Edwards
Job Title
CEO and Lead Developer
Scarab Biotech
Speaker Bio
Scott Edwards is the CEO of Scarab Biotech, an Agricultural Technology Company, based in Colorado. Scarab integrates cutting edge biophysics, material sciences, and applied field theory to sustainably induce optimal biological coherence at the cellular level. The results are significantly improved yields, quality, and systemic synergy. As a Research Specialist, Technology Developer, and Cup-Winning Production Systems Consultant, he has over 15 years of experience in the field. He has a passion for maximizing the size, energetic vitality, and the overall quality of yields in Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic, and High Value Crop Production Systems. Now at the culmination of a 15 year development arc, he is leading the Scarab team to deliver integrated solutions for the constantly increasing, and often unrecognized damage to crops, caused by ambient and background Electromagnetic Frequencies(EMF). As the EMF density increases across our planet, and our production systems, he is focused on delivering innovative, consistent, and research-backed solutions at scale.
As a long time student of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, with gratitude, Scott is uniquely positioned to offer practical and truly functional solutions during what Steiner referred to as the “Age of Ahriman”. For every force, there is a counter force, and in between these forces you find the balance. Scott’s goals are the active spreading of awareness around the detrimental nature of unseen forces like EMF, which are now shown to negatively impact all life on Earth. He is seeking the continued cooperative implementation of specific technologies at large scale, which use the knowledge of harnessing and purifying Aetheric Light for the protection of life. Technologies which Steiner said would come, not only for the protection of living organisms, but also for the protection of our consciousness.

Learn more about the work and the solutions at scarabbiotech.com
Scott Edwards