Full Name
Jessica Hulse Dillon
Job Title
Director, Soil & Climate Alliance, Center for Sustainable Solution
Green America
Speaker Bio
Jessica has spent her career creating system change through partnerships, focusing on elevating the voices of those with lived experiences to serve the broader needs.AS the Director of the Soil & Climate Alliance her focus is on engaging with those across the food and agriculture supply chain to shift toward whole scale regenerative transition to rebuild soil health, restore climate balance, and revitalize farmers, farmworkers, and rural communities. Bringing together expertise in small grains agriculture, children’s nutrition, and global politics Jessica is able to lead initiatives focusing on connecting agriculture, food, and health, while supporting policy initiatives to ensure investment to move projects to scale.

Prior to her work with the Soil and Climate Alliance Jessica collaborated on the creation of market opportunities for famers while educating consumers on the value of locally sourced products in the Mid-Atlantic Region through her work with FRESHFARM.

Over the course of her career Jessica has built relationships across Central and South Asia, as well as Latin America to support resources flowing to and through communities on the front lines of development across the energy and health industries.
Jessica Hulse Dillon