Full Name
Seleyn DeYarus
Job Title
At The Epicenter / Regenerative Rising
Speaker Bio
Seleyn DeYarus serves the transformation of perspective to a living systems worldview. She is co-founder and CEO of Ideaphoria, a consultancy aiming to apply innecotiveā„¢ cosmology to individual, business and community development. Seleyn is the founder of Regenerative Rising, a 501c3 nonprofit, whose mission is dedicated to re-image our way of life to align with principles of regeneration and indigenous wisdom.

As former Executive Director, she designed and produced the Regenerative Earth and Women Leading Regeneration Summit series, bringing together international thought leaders from the food and fashion industries to tackle the climate crisis through collaborative strategies that support regenerative agriculture. In 2019, she began Regenerative Rising podcast, Elevating Stories, Activating change, a monthly podcast, which continues to bring inspirational conversations with land stewards, indigenous thought leaders and diverse industry leaders to explore creative solutions and positive change for restoration of collective wellbeing.
Seleyn DeYarus