Full Name
Farmer John Peterson
Job Title
Head Farmer, General Manager, and Founder
Angelic Organics Farm
Speaker Bio
John Peterson started helping on his family’s dairy farm in 1956 when he was seven years old. Today, 67 years later, he is on the same farm, now raising Biodynamic vegetables and herbs for 2400 Community Supported Agriculture shareholders. He started the CSA in 1990.

Peterson encountered Rudolf Steiner’s work in 1991, and has maintained an insatiable interest in Steiner’s work on a wide range of topics, especially architecture, education, life after death, the Gospels, farming, nutrition, and medicine (which topics weave endlessly into other topics). Building design inspired by Steiner’s work strongly influences the design of the Angelic Organics farmstead.

Peterson is the subject of the feature documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John which chronicles over 50 years of his life and his farm Angelic Organics. The film, directed by Taggart Siegel, has been seen by millions throughout the world, has won 31 festival awards, and includes an important segment on Biodynamics and Rudolf Steiner.

Peterson also wrote Farmer John’s Cookbook, now out of print, in which he endeavored to bring Rudolf Steiner’s work on nutrition and Biodynamics to the general public (without proselytizing).

This season, in his widely read Farm News, he profiled Goethe, Taylor Swift, Zarathustra-and-Roundup, and the will, amongst other topics.

Peterson has been married to Haidy Peterson for 12 glorious years. Haidy and he were brought together in Jaerna, Sweden, through the mysterious organizing forces of the Second Goetheanum.

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Farmer John Peterson