Full Name
Tenasi Rama Lazar
Mindful Earth Alliance
Speaker Bio
Tenasi is a father, an entrepreneurial engineer and a bio-resonant farmer focused on building community, consciousness, food resiliency and energetic resonance. Technically educated as a Mechanical/Environmental Engineer (BS/MS), Tenasi began cultivating an alliance with the plant spirit world 22 years ago and has since been immersed in study, practice, and teaching of permaculture, organic/biodynamic farming, ethnobotany, and the soil food web. Fluent in both German and Spanish, Tenasi is a creative visionary with the wisdom, discipline, and perseverance to manifest positive change on planet earth.
Tenasi has a lifetime of achievements around the world. He was an internationally renowned rock climber credited with the first free-ascent of Angel Falls in Venezuela; a yogi and permaculture designer who founded and directed The Diamante Verde Sanctuary in Costa Rica (2002-09); co-author of 2 plant books in Costa Rica; a founding partner of ThrivalTech LLC, a plasma-based research and development company that patented a non-thermal plasma emissions control technology that is revolutionizing the diesel motor and syn-gas production industries (2010-2016); founder of Mindful Earth Alliance and co-founder of the GMO-Free Political Action Committee, which in 2014 banned the cultivation of GMO’s in Jackson County, OR; and founding partner of Phytonyx LLC, and international hemp seed breeding company (2017-present).
As CSO of Phytonyx, inspired by the healing potential of CBDs, Tenasi fused his passions of botany and engineering to breed and produce prolific amounts of world class high CBD and CBG hemp genetics. With the sudden decline of the hemp industry and a growing need for local food sovereignty and community resiliency, Tenasi has returned his focus onto energetic sovereignty, bio-resonant farming, mind science and intentional community development.
Tenasi Rama Lazar