Full Name
Jack Cloonan
Jack Cloonan Band
Speaker Bio
Jack Cloonan grew up on the south side of Chicago, where he learned traditional Irish music by way of his grandfather, Patrick Cloonan. Though accordion was his first instrument at the age of seven, he quickly moved on to fiddle, and eventually tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano, and drums. Growing up in pubs with Irish sessions happening every night of the week, Cloonan learned ‘thousands’ of fiddle tunes over the years.

Since then he’s been in countless bands and collaborations with musicians all over the country. It was only last year that he decided to create The Jack Cloonan Band, consisting of mostly originals of his, with top tier musicians from all over the Denver area. After almost a year of rotating talent, he’s finally found a core unit that has been shaking up the front range.

Jack Cloonan