Condensing Aetheric Light – Scalable Solutions For The Increasing Damage Caused By Electro-Magnetic Frequencies Across Our Biospheres
Date & Time
Friday, November 10, 2023, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Scott Edwards

This Workshop will cover broadly the spectrum of energies such as EMFs, which Steiner referred to as being “Ahrimanic” in nature. Those detrimental to the biological and spiritual communication systems of living organisms. Together we will weave the Anthroposophic understandings of the Spiritual Impulses behind these energies, and the bio-scientific study-based evidence on the increasing severity of EMF impacts on crops, animals, consciousness, and all living systems. 

We will explore the nature of the problem, and the ongoing impacts, then move into the most advanced practical solutions and proven technology systems of our era. We will cover the nature of the Spiritual Polarities as they manifest in Society, Technology, and Agriculture. We will separate the woo, and the delusional claims which so often fail to deliver, or are outdated. Featuring a highlight of the beneficial technologies which are currently proven, and operating on the principles which Steiner said would emerge in this era.  

We were warned about the disappearance of the bees a century ago, as an indicator of the emerging Age of Ahriman. “Colony Collapse Disorder” is now well known, and much of what Steiner warned about, has come into solid form. We will demonstrate how simple devices emitting coherent energy fields restore the bee’s navigation systems, and virtually eliminate Varroa Mites in total. Also showing the dramatic boosting of hive health, reproduction rates, new queens, hive-splitting, and honey volume. We will touch on the issues with AI, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, transhumanism, and the ongoing deployment of Satellite Based 5G from the lens of Anthroposophy. We will expand on what Steiner meant per Aetheric Light as the solution, when combined with those who would do the work. 

We are tasked with carrying The Light forward, illuminating the way for ourselves and others. As such, everyone who attends this workshop will receive something tangible which can increase their Service to Others in that regard. Whether new to Biodynamics, or deep down the rabbit hole, there will be a gain of something positive and solution-oriented for everyone present.

Location Name
Cotton Creek II
Full Address
The Westin Westminster
10600 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020
United States