Full Name
Emily Settlecowski
Job Title
Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Food as a Public Good
Metro Caring
Speaker Bio
Emily is the Manager of Strategic Initiatives at Metro Caring, a food justice, community based organization in Denver, Colorado. Emily moved to Denver in 2016 to attend the University of Denver where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Mathematics with a concentration in Geology. There she studied agricultural sustainability with a geomorphological lens through the study of historical agricultural soils from PluĹžina landscapes in floodplains. This combined with her urban sustainability studies and passion for social justice ignited her interest in building local, resilient food systems as a means of achieving social, economic, and environmental justice and sustainability. Emily's work at Metro Caring as Manager of Strategic Initiatives is centered on working with community on multisector initiatives designed to provide long-term solutions to systemic challenges faced by our community members and Metro Caring. Two main projects of her focus right now are Food is Medicine and building a Community Food Utility, both rooted in the idea that food is a human right.
Emily Settlecowski