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Dawn Rains
Living Soil Gardens
Speaker Bio
Dawn Rains is a student of anthroposophy and lover and advocate of biodynamics. She has been gardening in the high-altitude Colorado Rockies professionally for 10 years. Her business, Living Soil Gardens, strives to provide clients with beauty by growing perennials, annuals, fruits, vegetables, and herbs (culinary and medicinal) in gardens and greenhouses using organic and biodynamic methods to please both humans and elementals. She is passionate about growing vital food, as well as herbs for making salves, tinctures, and teas. She enjoys the challenge of working within short growing seasons to create each individual oasis and connect them to the rhythms of the cosmos and each other using biodynamic practices. Dawn is driven by a deep love of nature, spending long days under blue skies, the joy of watching a seed sprout, and that feeling in her heart that biodynamics will heal the Earth. She is fortunate to have a wonderful local biodynamic community to practice calendar use, pruning and tree pasting, composting and prep making with every year, deepening the understanding of Rudolf Steiner's indications and pushing creativity in the study and application of these principles. Her winters are spent reading and studying anthroposophy and on visionary oil painting and other arts, education, travel, rest, and dreaming the dream of the growing season to come.
Dawn Rains