About the Preparations
Date & Time
Friday, November 10, 2023, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Marjory House Lloyd Nelson Dawn Rains Jeff Poppen Larry Mabe

This workshop will feature seasoned preparation makers from coast to coast and how they each make the biodynamic preparations.

  • Day 1 Larry Mabe, preparation maker with Grace, Love, and Biodynamics, (former preparation maker for Josephine Porter institute) and Marjory House, preparation maker with the Oregon biodynamic group, will present “demystifying the biodynamic preparations” - a deep dive into practical preparation making. 
  • Day 2 will feature Lloyd Nelson, preparation maker with Biodynamic Source in Colorado and Dawn Rains also of Colorado, with Jeff Poppen, preparation maker from Tennessee. They will present preparation making 101, with an esoteric bent. 
  • Day 3 will feature a panel of preparation makers from across the country. This will be a question and answer session and will highlight the work of the Fellowship of Preparation Makers and regional groups in North America. Bring your questions about biodynamic preparations and get answers from the gambit of makers and distributors!
Location Name
Standley II