Full Name
Larry Mabe
Job Title
Grace, Love, and Biodynamics
Speaker Bio
Larry Mabe’s biodynamic experience began in 2001 when he began studying under Hugh Courtney at the Josephine Porter Institute. For over 20 years, Mabe honed his skills as Master Preparation Maker, developing a deep level of respect and love for biodynamic preparations and their ability to heal. As the preparations he created traveled the globe, Mabe learned more and more through consultations, experimentation, and his own practice of biodynamic agriculture. Mabe is now the co-founder of Grace, Love, and Biodynamics, a special educational project to share his years of experience and knowledge as well as making and selling high quality biodynamic preparations. He and his family live in Horsepasture, Virginia, enjoying the quiet, country life with their cat, dogs, and chickens. In his free time, Mabe can be found playing his banjo, working on his classic truck and motorcycle, or cooking for his family.
Larry Mabe