Half and Full Day Workshops

Workshops are available with or without the purchase of a main conference pass. Lunch is included with all half and full-day workshops.

Thursday, November 9

Agriculture of Tomorrow:
The Next Generation of Biodynamics


We are in great need of new ways of seeing, experiencing, and taking action in order to bring healing impulses into agriculture in service of Earth and humanity. During this full-day pre-conference gathering organized by and for younger people in agriculture we will bring together the questions, stories, initiatives, and ideas living in each of us individually towards exploring how we can collaborate to support one another and the future of biodynamic agriculture. This gathering is primarily for younger people up to age 35; if you are older in age but feel called to participate please contact anthony@biodynamics.com.

Is healthy food a human right? If so, how can we ensure access to it in our localities? How can we simultaneously sustain farmers, farm workers, and land? Join us to discuss programs, policy initiatives, and grassroots projects in our presenters' three states that move us toward more just and ecologically-sound regional food systems. 

Biodynamics Can Turn Fashion into a Climate Solution: Help Us Build the Narrative


This workshop will engage participants in exploring how biodynamic textiles can have an impact on agriculture, culture and planet. We invite you to write the narrative with us as we explore the damage of the past and a vision for the future (and the work which is already underway).

  • Imagine surrounding yourself with colour and texture from truly regenerative sources
  • Imagine biodynamic farmers supported and sustained with a new network of products to offer to the market
  • Imagine how Demeter and fashion can transform one another

Through hands-on work, lively discussion and personal connection we aim to work towards this future.

This workshop will include full and small group conversations exploring what it means to spiritually renew agriculture. How do we foster within ourselves an attunement that brings spiritual awareness to our work? How do we approach our work from this awareness? The workshop will include some spiritual practices.

How Do We Strengthen Our Soul in Anxious Times?


We are living in a challenging time, with earnest concerns about the health of the earth, how we live in community and what the future will bring. Many people are experiencing strong anxiety, isolation, and fear. Why is all this happening? What is being called for? This workshop will explore how these challenges are asking us to strengthen our own awareness, an important task in this time of the “consciousness soul.” We will also discuss both physical and spiritual aspects of anxiety, and how we can connect to the greater goodness that is around us all the time.

Go on Manuring as Before


The way farmers kept fields fertile in Steiner's youth sheds light on the Agriculture Course. Crop and animal rotations, composting, legume cover crops, remineralizing, and proper tillage, the foundation upon which biodynamics works, were so well understood by the late 19th century that Steiner felt he need not spend much time describing how you should prepare manure and compost. Literature from that era indicates a profound awareness of natural laws and describes intelligent designs for self-sufficient farms. Reviewing texts from then has really helped improve our farming practices.

This workshop is open to those who are considering and or are already working in the consulting, advisory field, educators, farmers, and interested parties.

Topics covered will include:

  • Starting from the ground up with a newly developing project
  • Reverential site inquiries as foundational to building relationships
  • Practical methods of listening to and measuring the ponderables and imponderables of a particular place and project to guide sound recommendations
  • Integrating Biodynamics into an existing project
  • Developing associative economic structures in agriculturally based projects
  • 7 agronomic principles of Demeter Biodynamic production 

Through stories of seasoned farmer in-the-field trials, previous consults; small to large-scale applications and in dialogue with participants we will identify other beneficial advisory structures that build cohesive professional development for the future.

If we are to truly transform agriculture, we will need to move away from extractive systems that focus on depleting our soil, climate, and people and towards a regenerative system that brings together and bolsters all of your systems. To step into an exploratory journey toward that aim, this workshop will serve as an interactive program where all voices and perspectives are welcome as we explore what could be. We are looking at how the food and fashion industries can cooperate to de-risk for themselves and farmers the transition to a new set of practices that encourage biodiversity, soil health restoration, water conservation and stable livelihoods for farmers and all who touch the supply web in the food and fashion industries. Please join us and let’s begin to imagine how to move toward a truly life affirming supply web.

In this half-day workshop, you will learn from researchers and winegrowers about how Biodynamics in the vineyard positively influences soil health, biodiversity and wine quality. This workshop will include a presentation of outcomes from a long-term soil health monitoring program, a panel discussion and Q&A, and - of course - Biodynamic wine tasting.

Supporting the Health of Wild Lands and Elemental Beings with Biodynamics


What are the unseen, energetic connections between so-called wild lands and agricultural lands? Can biodynamic preparations bring healing to forests and rivers, mountains, birds, bees, and to that sacred mantle of the earth we call the atmosphere and climate? This workshop will present possibilities for envisioning fields, forests, open water and other ecosystems through biodynamic eyes. Our panelists will each share ways they are working with the biodynamic preparations and other methods to heal the wounds of the earth, support elemental beings and stimulate the overall health of farms and wild lands.  We will close this workshop with a brief ceremonial application of biodynamic preparations in a natural area near the conference center.

Learn about the principles of making a farm more self-sufficient with integrated livestock, diverse crops, and fertility management. Practice treating the farm as if it is a living organism and nurturing it in a way that reduces input costs by creating fertility from within the farm or garden.

In this hands-on half-day workshop, we will review and demonstrate practical and affordable stewardship “tools” that revitalize our relationships with All of the Life we collaborate with on our farms and ranches. Working in this way we can better turn on the life in our soils activating multiple layers of fertility. Learn how to grow food and medicines with higher nutrient density and healing efficacy, while stimulating systemic harmony and balance throughout our Whole Farm Organisms. Though this is more geared to experienced farmers and ranchers we welcome all levels of stewardship.

  • Tree Harmonizing/ Broadcasting- working with trees as living energetic beings capable of broadcasting the BD preparations and beyond, from foundations to more recent tried and true amplifications 
  • Seed Bathing - Giving our seeds a boost! Presenting trials with documentation photos and tales from the trenches (using BD 500-508, Buffalo Soil Activator, 12 Holy Nights, to advanced Evocations)
  • Dowsing 101 - tools to read the energy flow of landscapes, learn how to communicate with the Land and All of the Life.
  • Potentization methods - Agricultural Homeopathy, raising the resonance of our preparations appropriate for today's land therapeutics.
  • Landscape therapy, healing through the power of Rudolf Steiner's agricultural directive, we work forward from the future.